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Psionic Abilities

So everybody knows what a psychic is, and most have a pretty good grasp on psychic abilities. So, it psychics are people who "sense" things, what are psionics?
The easy way to explain it would be, "Psionics is causing change in the world with your mind/energy"- Azurephoenix. So here's a little extra information.

Types of Psionics

Psionic abilities generally fall into two realms

  • Mind-to-mind: in which the psionic would "read" or influence the thoughts or actions of another
  • Mind-to-environment: in which the psionic influences the environment around them
Passivity or Activity

(Mind-to-mind abilities are further categorized into passive or active abilities)

Passive abilities: are those in which the psionic can only sense and cannot influence

Active abilities: are those in which the psionic can both sense AND influence

(Listed below are just a few examples of each type of ability, I won't list everything because that would take me a REALLY long time)

Passive and Active

  • Empathy: When used passively, this ability simply allows the reader to feel the others emotions. If a reader has an active empathic ability, then the reader can force another person to feel a certain emotion. (For more information on this ability, visit the H.E.F/Aura page)
  • Telepathy: Passively, this ability simply allows the reader to mentally "hear" another person's thoughts. Actively though they can force another person to have certain thoughts (which, in turn, would affect the other persons actions)
Passive Only
  • Precognition: The ability to perceive information about future events before they occur
  • Retrocognition: (Also known as psychometry) is the ability to perceive information about past events or conditions of an object or area
  • Clairvoyance: The ability to perceive distant objects, persons, events, or types of energy not normally perceptible. (A person with clairvoyance may also have empathy and/or telepathy)
        Typically, clairvoyance minifests itself "visually" in the mind's eye of the person, however, auditory or kinesthic impressions can be a further ability
  Active Only 
  • Telekinesis: (Sometimes called "Pschokinesis") is the ability to influence the behavoir of matter (This is specifically the ability to influence matter, not mental thought processes of others)
  • Paychoprojectivity: (A variant of telepathy) this is the ability to manipulate another being's mental state, including their visual, auditory, or olfactory senses. 

Psionic Energy and Technology
While not specifically part of the electromagnetic spectrum, psionic energy has been shown to be affected by certain frequencies and intensities of electromagnic radiation. Supposedly, it is possible to create a device called a "psi-baffler", which would interfere with psionic energy. It would interfere, or complete block psionic energy.

Non-Psis and Shielding

Non-psis can be taught to shield against psionic attack and not broadcast their thoughts, and with more intensive training, completely block it.

Shielding traditionally occurs in three stages

1.) Learing to actively quiet one's own psychic signature. The mental version of quieting and controlling your breathing, in a way. Instead of broadcasting your thoughts and energy, you can internalize those processes.

2.) How to actively identify a foreign mantal presence, get a feel for the levels of potential scanning and activity on the mind.

3.) Creating the actual shields. In some cases, these might be imagined "walls", keeing out the other's thoughts, in others they can be repeated phrases or meditative mantras. For others, it be projecting certain unpleasant memories or thoughts in an effort to drive the psionic away, or a combination of several techniques.

Although, without intensive training, and sometimes even with it, a high-level psi can basically slip past those shields and alter the memories or implant suggestions, effectively wiping traces of the invasion. In some cases, it is even possible to simple find a tiny crack in the shied, allowing the psionic to slip those suggestions past a person's defences without them being aware.