Supernatural Unveiled

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Dragons are creatures of the oldest magick on Earth, they're also considered elementals. They can travel freely between this world, and the astral realm. They mostly stay in the astral realm because they aren't needed in this world yet. There are only 2 left that roam the skies, while the others are trapped in eggs, and only a Dragonlord may wake them. But since there is only one left, the eggs will not be awakened for a while; if you got your hopes up. Dragons are born from the earth because that is where the old magick is, they always seem dangerous and hostile in hollywood movies. But in reality they are loyal friends, they will protect you no matter what and only attack if threatened. Each dragon is born to look like their destiny/aura was meant to be. They are traditionally hide from the human society because they were hunted to almost extinction, and can't be reborn until they are named. Traditionally they are covered in scales, but are soft and light as feathers, allowing them to fly through the air faster than humanly possible.There is no certain distinction to the face, because like all creatures, the face reflects the personality.

Dragon Otherkin

So as you may or may not know, faeries and elves are a form of otherkin. Dragons are a form of elementals, and dragon otherkin are not. Dragon otherkin are born from a dragon elemental father and a human mother (if it's a human father and elemental mother then the dragon simply becomes an elemental) and when the human mother gives birth the dragon doesn't even look as a dragon; it looks as a normal human baby. As the body matures the baby does as well, with no dragon-like characteristics. When the child reaches the age of awakening (which is different for everyone) then they realize they have a seal of sorts in their mind containing thier magick and ability to shape-shift into a dragon. The seal must be broken before either thing can happen. However after it is broken they can do both things; shape-shift and use their magick. As a notice: a dragon otherkin is not a real dragon, since many people tend to believe that, just to clarify the soul is still human and the dragon otherkin just look as a dragon on the outer appearance.


Beings in this section are nothing like the human looking mythicals we've been discussing. As the name states, elementals are FROM the earth, not OF the earth. Elementals are those such as unicorns, the pheonix, goblins, etc. Unlike their fellow mythicals, elementals live half on earth, half on the astral realm. Because of this, they can look however they want. They can be invisible to us, they can look like an animal closelt related to them, they can appear as shadows, and even look human. Sometimes they help us, sometimes they refuse to. Most of the time, they just leave us alone. They are completely unpredictable.


Elves are human looking, much like faeries. They are more quiet and reserved, but they love music; although they're less likey to stand on a stage then a fearie. They are mostly loners and don't interact much with any creatures, especially with the human world. Where as faeries represent a court, elves represent the elements. They're very involved in nature, and basically their whole race is based on it.
Elf Royalty
Unlike in a fey court, in elf royalty, there is one queen, mostly immortal, who is powerful and just, and the main judge of them. She can pass on her calling as queen at any time, usually to the one beneath her that she has named princess, but she can always name someone else. When the queen names a princess she spends years teaching her all the qualities needed to be a queen, just in case the queen dies or decides to step time.
Basic Appearance
Elves are usually tall and willowy looking, with graceful proportions. You will rarely see an elf because they keep to the shadows more often then not.

Faeries (っ◕‿◕)っ

Faeries are full sized and human looking; except the eyes, which reflect their mood and such. A Faeries wings are earned only when they join a court, and can only be seen in the astral realm. Most of them have a great grace and fluid motion; often when they walk they will barely make a sound. They naturally have very sweet voices, sing very well, enchanting people with their voices much like a siren would.

Faerie eyes

Faeries have four main colours of eyes, each cooresponding to the element they are closest to.

Water: varying shades of blue

Earth: varying shades of brown or green

Fire: red, orange, or pink

Air: white, silver, or grey

If the eyes are a mix of colours, they either aren't alined with an element, or they are alined with more then one. However, the eyes will only hint or suggest to it; they are not completely red or orange or pink or silver. 

Faerie Courts

A faerie court is the leading power of a certain thing. There are courts for nearly anything you can think of; death, love, technology, light, dark, darkness (yes there is a difference) and a whole ton more. It is a matriarchal society, in which there is a queen, a princess, and a holder. There can be a king or prince; but a queen must be in love with him. The queen must eventually name a king or she will become so overcome from the inside out by ancient magicks and laws that she will end up committing suicide. It works similarly for a princess, but it is not required of her to name one if she does not wish to. When a queen or princess names a male as royalty next to them, he also becomes a faerie himself.

However, if the pair are not ready for eachother, she falls out of love with him, or he hurts her, the queen or princess can do something called down-casting. She can make it so they will be despised by most mythicals, she can make it so even humans will shy away from them. Although, if she wants to remain friends with him, she can give him the chance to leave her or stay with her, but remove him from his throne.

Ghosts/Ghost Dimension ^( '-' )^

Many people believe that ghosts are the spirits of the recently (or, sometimes, not so recently) deceased, who have not made the transition from the world of the living to the world of the dead. The majority of the time, the reason they are caught in this world is often because their deaths resulted from tragic circumstances, or some traumatic event in their lives have caused them to have business in the earthly realm that requires settling. It is often believed that the people who remain on earth as ghosts do not know they are deceased, and they often haunt the places of their death regularly and engage with the living who visit or reside in those places. Other manifestations of ghosts occur as mere apparitions or audible residual energy. These apparitions are images of an individual that appear in significant places in the deceaseds life. The living may hear someone laughing or crying in an empty home or building, or footsteps going up and down stairs, even though no one is there to make these sounds. The main difference between these types of ghosts and the previously mentioned type is that they do not engage with the living who may inhabit or frequent areas affected by these energies. Poltergeists are other forms of ghosts that interact with living people in a harmful or malevolent way. Typically people experience destruction or loss of their property when their homes are haunted by poltergeists, or they may even find that the poltergeists physically harm them like scratching their skin or pulling their hair.But if these ghosts are real, where do they ultimately come from? Many people believe they could be from some other dimension of existence. Throughout history there has been some evidence that this other dimension exists. Places such as the Bermuda Triangle, for instance, have been known as an area where many disappearances and bizarre events have occurred. These include both strange ship and aircraft disappearances. However, the Bermuda Triangle is not the only place on the planet that has this reputation. The Bass Strait Triangle in Australia is the area of ocean water between the states of Victoria and Tasmania. It is known for the disappearance of more than a dozen ships from the mid 1800s to the mid 1900s.There have also been many reports of disappearances regarding aircraft flying in the area. Another area known for its strange events is the Michigan Triangle in the central part of Lake Michigan. The points of the triangle are Benton Harbor, Michigan, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and Ludington, Michigan on the coast. Here there have been many different reports of disappearances, odd creature sightings, and experiences of time slowing down or standing still. These spots in the world are not the only possible portals to another dimension. It is possible that there are many other doorways to this other dimension, though if ghosts haunt us they may need to be helped to find these portals so that they may cross over to it. There are scientists who have come to believe that there may as many as ten higher dimensions than the third dimension in which we currently live. In these dimensions, it may be that those who reside in them would cease to see time as a linear concept. It is also possible that superstring theory can provide some interesting possibilities as far as the existence of other dimensions. According to this theory, the universe is held together by strings that vibrate at different frequencies. It is possible that the higher dimensions exist, but because they vibrate at frequencies that we cannot perceive, during our mundane existence we do not typically know or think they exist. However, the strange events that occur all over the world, and the reports of ghost haunting combined with intense scientific curiosity, may mean that there may be discoveries yet of entirely new planes of being.


Hunters are the cousins of seekers. They (for one reason or another) got a choice. They can serve "evil" but they can also serve "good". Usually they're killers; sometimes they only hunt a specific thing (for instance, you've heard of vampire slayers), and sometimes they are protectors. It all really depends on the specific Hunter and what he/she sees as "right".


Lugaru are the "father" race of the werewolves. They are the pure-blooded. Unlike were's, Lugaru are born. They can change forms whenever they please, and even just use sepecific aspects of each side. For instance, while in human form, they can use the wolves hearing or sight, and while a wolf, they can use the humans rational mind. They usually stick to a pack like form, so they might have an entire community for themselves or something similar. It would probably be near a wooded area, or somewere off the beaten path so that they can be isolated.

Pixies (≧◠◡◠≦)✌

The myth of the Pixie is an extensive one. Christians used to say that pixies were the spirits of children who had died un-baptized. 

Some pixies are said to steal children or to lead travellers astray. Pixies are drawn to horses, riding them for pleasure and making tangled ringlets in the manes of those horses they ride. They are "great explorers familiar with the caves of the ocean, the hidden sources of the streams and the recesses of the land."

Pixies dwell in the twilight, between day and night, between the heavens and the earth, between the conscious and the unconscious… where all things are possible, where our past and future meet, where we meet ourselves coming back. When we dance with the pixies, we dance with the reflections of our true selves and the true nature of the world.

Pixies love to dance. Their music is the most haunting and beautiful ever heard by human ears. Music filled with ancient sadness, as sweet as fresh honey, deeply sensual, with rhythms that are tranquil one moment, demented the next. Because of the limitations of the human ear, it is a music that is more felt then heard.

Pixies often dance in circles, leaving rings of flattened grass to mark the sites of their midnight revels– or circles of toadstools springing up where Pixie feet have trod.


Seekers serve "evil". Completely and utterly; they have no choice. They lack the compassion to serve good, and many ancient laws (stupidly made) restict them to it. They will do absolutely anything to find the truth. They can pry into your mind, even alter your memories. If you aren't their prey, then stay out of their way. They are born to fight. Although if you are their prey, you're as good as dead anyway. 

Sometimes Seekers are tasked with hunting down another Seeker. Many will die, and plenty will be destroyed. It's a game of death afterall.

( =':')

Shapeshifters can be any animal they choose. While most shifters are born, through blood rituals and other magickal means, they can also be made. Unlike the weres, shapeshifters don't have to choose just one animal. They can be a mountain lion one day, and a shark the next. They are a lot more rare and will generally live solitary lives, unless they start a family. The families are always big. When a shifter seeks out a mate, it will either go for another shifter (mostly the males do this) or it will find a partner that has the right genetic coding to produce shifter offspring (more of a female thing.)

Therians ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

(Still gathering information on this species)



Side note: While the history of many of these creatures is unknown to us, I have had the luck to meet a fellow who says that he knows how Vampires and Lugaru came to be. Below you will find the combined histories of both species, and with his permission, I now share with you his story.

        It took place many, many generations ago, some thousands of years, and it started with two men. Each man was closely connected to nature. One man was connected to nocturnal birds. He spent much of his night in caves and forests. The other man was connected to his spirit animal; the wolf. He found great joy in wondering around the forests with his closest friend and companion, also a wolf. These two men began to hear rumors though. (They didn't know eachother though, didn't even live in the same country) The rumors were of a Loric. A powerful man who was able to grant a single wish, for the right price. Excited about the possibilites, each man headed out to find the Loric. When the first man reached the Loric, he wished to be like the flying creatures he spent so much time with. The Loric asked for a specific one and after much thought, the man chose a bat. His wish was granted. The second man came along and wished to be just like his furry companion. His wish was also granted. 

       The man who wished to become like his flying company began to thirst for blood. He found he became allergic to the sunlight, had stopped aging, and had heightened senses. The other man quickly discovered that he could not quench his hunger. He ate all that crossed his path (except his friend) and ran on all four paws during the full moon. Both men soon went back to the Loric and paid deeply for more wishes. The bat/man wished for control of his bloodlust, an alternative food source (which would soon become energy), more speed and strength then any man, and the ability to respawn. The wolf/man also wished for these things. Each man was granted his wishes, and thus began these two magnificent races.


These vampires are some of the oldest, and from the original generation of vampires. They are what all people think vampires are like. They can feed on both blood and energy. Immortal vampires do normally live in a coven, their age has no bearing on others. There is a ruler of each coven, the ruler usually has a consort. Each coven will have 2-5 human donors of blood each. They are usually friendly but do lose their humanity with age.


Sang are the ones most heard of. They hunt people and only feed off blood. They are slightly allergic to the sunlight, but not enough to really stop them from doing anything. They simply need to wear a jacket and a hat, maybe even just some sunscreen. 


PSI vamps are located on a different page, tied in with some other important information that you need to know to understand them. Click the button below and you'll be linked to the page.


Weres are a type of cousins of Therians. They can be any creature, but instead of shifting at will like a Therian, a Were changes according to moon phases. When old enough though, they can choose whether or not they want to change. To become a Were you must be bitten (the old classic way) because weres aren't just born. Once they choose (sometimes it's chosen for them) an animal to shift to though, they are that animal for life.)

Witches εїз Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Witches are humans with specialized abilities. Although some would argue that witches aren't human at all, this is not true. All witches are good at different things. Elements, healings, weather, animals, and such. No two witches are ever the same, although it may seem that way because they are in the same class. They age slower then humans, soemthing like every 5 or 6 years for us is only 1 for them.

Elemental Witches
Elemental witches are witches who special in the elements. They can either be born with the abilities, or show promise and specialize in a certain element. The elements are your usual Fire, Earth (Some earth witches also specialize in animal magick), Water, and Air. Once you specialize in one of the main elements, you can work towards lesser elements within your main one.

Black and White
This mostly refers to how you use the magick. Whether for good or evil. It also depends on the phases of the moon.